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April 9, 2018
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April 20, 2018

Propose a Boho Themed Mehendi and Bollywood Cocktail Night with Starstruck Wedding Designers

People in 50’s possibly arrange all the Pre-Nuptial at home. Setting up a red or orange tent in a spacious area to perform the wedding event has been an old trend. With time, people’s preferences have shifted to more extravagant choices. Roka Ceremony to Sagai Ceremony, Mehendi to Wedding as well as the other post-wedding events were organized by families earlier. The time today demands scarlet, illuminous and colours in life.

If you are a film lover, you would want a wedding like Badrinath ki Dulhaniya or Hum Saath Saath hai where families are living together for a week to enjoy the wedding rites together. And if you are a Hollywood movies fan, then you might prefer an elite fairy tale type. People desire perfection now, so delegate all responsibilities to a professional. Working for many years and bringing new technologies in the industry, Starstruck Wedding Designers by Annie Munjal is an excellent choice for you.

Some brides may dream of having a palatial wedding; whereas some might like to have a quiet and intimate affair along the Beachside. Be it any destination, Starstruck Wedding Designers can design, plan and manage your dream wedding functions & make them wow for you. Be it any theme, any dream, Starstruck helps you in turning into reality. They not only make your event victorious but also an unforgettable day.

Planning peculiar themes for different events to bring freshness is that’s what they aim at. Today, now people like blended-pastel colours like baby pink, orange, sky blue, white, mango colour and other luminous shades.

Interaction with your clients is very significant to make the event victorious, said Annie Munjal. They strive to ensure that all the close family members enjoy the wedding functions & leave all the organizing related worries to the Starstruck professionals. They also ensure that the event must be enjoyable and carefree whether it is a Mehendi or a wedding night.

Boho Themed Mehendi

The beautiful Mehendi ceremony nowadays is usually conducted as a Sundowner event. The adorable “Bird Nest” sitting arrangement for bride is trending these days. Do you want it to be a quirky affair or an elegant one? Planning your perfect Mehendi involves making a choice from diverse options. For your décor, you can choose vibrant colour combinations of Rani (Pink), Yellow & Orange or Turquoise & cream colour .To give a prominent look to the surrounding, one can use Fresh Genda yellow flowers and an embellished flowery swing. These things really create a fabulous natural ambiance where you feel like a queen. You can click precious moment’s alongwith Mehendi adorning. This boho style finesse looks impeccable with a traditional touch.

You can add some quirk to your function by having fun props and hangings. Pool party is a fun frolic idea to celebrate the function. Though it is very often when the Mehendi is conducted at night and for that, they follow different concepts.

If you are someone who wants an elegant setup, you can choose from pastel shades of lemon and sky blue or baby pink hues. Instant prints are a fun giveaway for guests. It looks terrific and unconventional. Readymade incredible peacock props are the best decorators. You will surely love the exclusive ideas of Annie Munjal’s team. Tell your thoughts and they will create a real picture to amaze your eyes. More ideas suiting your taste and budget can be customized.

Bollywood/Gatsby Themed Cocktail Night

For this, the decor can be royal and vibrant as it marks the night of togetherness and union of squads. Bollywood themes on the entrance which would give a celebrity feel when you walk on the red carpet. If you want to recreate 90’s ambiance, then Gatsby theme would be perfectly fitted. Here, all the ladies entering the hall can be given Gatsby hair bands like in movie and masks as a prop. To make it much more appealing, use of trumpets centerpieces, mask centerpiece, customized menus and much more can bring back the 90’s touch.

Many more ideologies can be brought to the wedding and most importantly to make your day memorable. So, without giving a second thought, plan your fairytale with the world’s outstanding event management team and just watch them doing all for you.