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August 4, 2018
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August 5, 2018

Tenu Leke Mai Jaavanga, Dil Deke Mai javanga – Unforgettable

Wedding of Manish & Isha

Wedding is a day when you woke up in the morning and realize that you are going to be someone else world by the end of the day. An ongoing trend since ages that girls are the liability of their parents and one day they have to leave their home. Well! It seems tough about leaving your marital home, your family and accepting those new people yet marriage brings happiness and aliveness. Thinking all this, Isha Aggarwal (Loving daughter of Mrs. Sulochana & Mr. Dharamveer Aggarwal) from Delhi decided to tie knot with Manish Garg (Son of Mrs. Kamlesh & Mr. Satpal Garg) and stepped ahead into the new life.

Sagai–Chat Mangni Pat VivahAfter the Roka ceremony, both the families got into the preparation of the next foremost event, Engagement ceremony. The Sagai attires were impeccably gorgeous and specially designed by the renowned designer for this significant day. The Prince & Princess of the day was looking dapper.

Isha wore a wedding trail baby pink gown which she paired it with silver diamond jewellery. She walked through the entrance and took off all the eyes in the crowd.  On the other side, Manish was in an exclusive Royal blue designer suit with pearl string necklace. The beautiful bedecked couple exchanged rings in the presence of all and both the families blessed them.

Jugalbandi on Dulhe ki Saaliyon The families planned dance competition to present among all. It was amazing to watch all the four generations giving surprise performances on one single platform to the would-be-couple. The Jugalbandi on Hum Aapke Hai Kaun ( Dulhe ki saaliyon Hare dupatte waliyo) movie song was the real entertainment of this ceremony. They all recreate the scene from the movie. The friends and relative squads had been choreographing since a week for this day.  It was a talk of the town especially the sumptuous cuisines. They divided the food corner into two – Veg and Non Veg items. The delicious food was perfect with the perfect service. There was an individual corner of Chaat-Papdis, Pau Bhajis, Pasta, Pizzas and other luscious culinary for the guests. The whole wedding was a surprise event including venue decoration. The venue was decorated with flowers and shandleys which looked really appealing. The rows of pink roses on the entrance were going with the bride’s gown and were creating magic in the engagement photograph. By the end of the evening, both the families exchanged gifts, such as clothing, jewellery, sweets and other auspicious things. Now, finally, Isha is officially booked and everyone seeking for the wedding preparations.

Sangeet – Banni Dheere Chalo Sasural Galiyaan

After Sagai, an evening began just three days before wedding day where all the family ladies were present to create the auspicious event (wedding) everlasting. Isha dressed in all finery which she was gifted on tikka and made to sit on a silver ‘chowki’ or low stool. Ladies from both the bride and groom’s family sit around the bride. The whole ceremony was carried forward with melodious Marriage songs like Banni Dheere Chalo Sasural Galiyaan and the synchronization with Dholaks and Harmonium was just perfect.

Mehendi ki Raat

It is a saying that a girl’s Makeup is incomplete without Mehendi Adorning. Also, it is the most awaited ceremony for every girl. The Mehendi ceremony organized at Isha’s place. Isha was all spruced up in Light Green Lehenga. All her friends and family members surrounded her while she was sitting in the center and adorning Henna send by Manish’s Mother. The Mehendi Artist was a renowned artist of Paschim Vihar who was applying beautiful patterns on everybody’s hands. The evening got to end with the brilliant performances by the family members.

Haldi – Kisi Ki Nazar Na Lage

So, finally, the fairytale had turned a new chapter of life when the awaited day had arrived. In the morning time, Isha dressed in a subtle yellow suit and Haldi ceremony began.

In the addition of Telvan, Bride’s/ Groom’s family applied Haldi paste or turmeric on face, feet and hands of bride/groom. This ceremony is crucial to keep the Buri Nazar (Evil Eye) away and to add new beauty charm to their skin. Generally, this ceremony performed by close family members.

Gurchari and Barat

The Gurchari and Barat Ceremony are done mainly at Groom’s place. By the evening, all the Baratis got assembled at Manish’s residence at 5:00. Everyone was looking stunning and adorable in their unique attires individually especially groom’s mother and father.After the assembling, all arrived from the residence which was followed by Groom’s sisters and other cousins offering Chana ki daal to the Ghodi.

Manish wore unique Beige – Red colour paired with beautiful crystal jewellery on his wedding day. He looked like a King when he entered the crowd with a stone embellished sword. The band accompanied the groom with the families dancing their way to the venue.

Take 7 Vows and I am yours

The Barat reached by 8 P.M and welcomed by Bride’s mother Sulochana Aggarwal with Aarti. Bride’s sister sprinkled water on the groom with a twig of a Neem tree. The arrangement at the wedding was stupendous and the decoration by Deepali Designs was a success. Manish took his place on the stage and our beautiful Isha entered the hall wearing gorgeous Red Bridal Lehenga with her cousins. She looked stunning. A fascinating trend in weddings, the brotherhood moves with the bride till the stage while carrying “Phoolon Ki Chaddar” and gave their loving, adorable sister to the new family.

Furthermore, the Varmala ceremony proceeded by both Bride-Groom and everybody gave blessings to the new couple. They then goes around the homa or the sacred fire seven times, this is called Saat Pheras. Bride’s dupatta tied to the groom’s waistband. And finally, Isha wedded Manish and tied up in a new responsibility.