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Bridal Necklace & Bridal Couture should complement each other

5 Styles of Necklaces perfect With your wedding couture

Check out the details on your wedding dress. Are they pearls, crystals, beads or diamonds? Your wedding dress should complement with your jewellery. Choose something which looks elegant yet graceful. Your wedding jewellery should be a reflection of your dress and try to get a necklace with the same material. If you have chosen a simple dress you can go with an intricate necklace, but if your dress is highly detailed, look for a very simple bridal necklace. If you have a vintage style dress, look for antique jewellery from the same period. However, a modern contemporary dress works best with an edgy necklace design or a simple chocker design.

Choker- True evident of Fashion

History of chocker necklaces goes hundred years back and has been a fashion icon since that period of time. Recently, it has taken the limelight again and has been wearing by most of the Indian Brides. Embellished with different gemstones gives it a unique design which would perfectly matches your wedding attire. Pair it with a low or v-neck neckline, or a strapless blouse.

Rani Haar

A type of Necklace used to wear by Maharajas-Maharanis.They’re long necklaces – either single or multi-stinged. The popular style Rani Haar has been a signature style of many beautiful brides from a very long time. The length is what gives them a royal feel. It looks more classy and royal when paired it with any other necklace (looks maginifico when paired with chokers!). Wearing a simple bridal dress while pairing it with precious long Rani-Haar would give it an imperialistic Maharani look.


Type of Rani-Haar but technically unique design, a long multi-stringed necklace which goes great with low, scoop or sweetheart necklines is called Satlada. It’s got a pretty unique look! Satlada has seven layers of pearls or gems, woven or attached. The smaller versions are called Panchlada (5-layered necklace) or teenlada (3-layers). If you are planning to wear something extraordinary on the occasion, try for a simple elegant dress and embellish yourself with Satlada style.


It was made popular by Mira Rajput Kapoor when she wore it on her wedding with Shahid Kapoor. This was followed by Masaba Gupta wearing it to her Sangeet, and since then, we’ve seen Navratan jewellery everywhere! Since it has 9 different colored gemstones, it’s best paired with a monotone outfit

Lighter colours that go best with Navratan necklace are grey, beige, light purple or peach. If you want to opt for a brighter shade, go for a pink or an orange. It is a colourful necklace that has nine different precious and semi-precious gems (pearl, emerald, ruby, red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, cat’s eye and hessonite)

Learn How to Buy a Diamond - Advice By Neel Jewels

We all have heard about four C's of a Diamond. Some of us must have come across five C's of a Diamond. Let us know about these five C's and know how to buy a beautiful Diamond.

Traditionally four C's of a Diamond are:

Carat, Clarity Colour, Cut

The fifth C is the Certificate of the Diamond where the four C's of the Diamond is mentioned. Why are these five C's of the Diamond so important when it comes to buying a Diamond? The answer to this question is straightforward, the four C's of a Diamond is essential because they determine the beauty and value of your Diamond while the 5th C, i.e., the Certificate of the Diamond is your guarantee for the quality promised. These four C's will give you a fair understanding of the value of a Diamond before you plan to invest in it. Let us understand this one by one.


Carat is a unit measurement for the weight of a Diamond. It determines the weight of a Diamond. 100 cents is equivalent to One Carat. Similarly, 50 cents is equivalent to half a carat. Understanding the carat weight of your Diamond is very important because carat is the characteristic of a Diamond which determines the size of the diamond means how big your diamond will look. Though bigger is not always better. A 0.25 ct Diamond may be more valuable than a 0.50ct diamond depending upon the Clarity, Colour and Cut of the diamond. Also, one must know that a 0.50 ct diamond has more value than two diamonds together weighing this much, provided the other three C's are kept constant. So, the price of a diamond increases with a carat weight of the diamond.


Diamonds are formed deep inside the Earth when Carbon is exposed to tremendous heat and pressure. This may lead to the formation of many internal characteristics in the Diamond called 'Inclusions' and external characteristics called 'Blemishes.' Clarity of the diamond tells us about these internal and external characteristics of the diamond. Lesser the Inclusions and Blemishes in a Diamond, higher is its value. The Clarity Grades of a Diamond are as follows:

Flawless No Inclusions and No Blemishes visible under 10X magnification.

Internally Flawless (IF) No Inclusions visible under 10X magnification.

Very Very Small Inclusions (VVS1 VVS2) Very very slight Inclusions visible under 10X magnification (by a Trained Grader). Very Small Inclusions ( VS1 VS2) Very Slight Inclusions which are visible under 10X magnification. Small Inclusions (SI1 SI2) Inclusions which are easily noticeable under 10X magnification.

Imperfect Inclusions ( I1 I2 I3) Inclusions which are obvious under 10X magnification and can be seen through naked eye also.


Diamonds come in many colours. But people prefer diamond in White range. The Quality of a Diamond is considered better based on the absence of Colour in it.

The difference of colour from one grade to the other very minute and it needs a trained eye to differentiate. The colour of the Diamond profoundly influences the cost of the Diamond. The colour grade of a Diamond is as follows: D being the highest followed by E F G H I J............Z


Cut of a Diamond is very important because a light ray falling on a Diamond is reflected many times inside the Diamond, this is what gives Brilliance to a Diamond. Every Diamond gets its Brilliance and Scintillation by the quality of cutting and polishing given to a Diamond.


The Certificate of the Diamond mentions about the four C's and it is an assurance to a customer about the quality of the Diamond purchased

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