Banquets & Caterers

Recreating Restaurants is again a grand hit idea wherein the guests enjoy the feels of their favourite restaurants being replicated in a sit- down service at marriages. Imbibing such pictures, a gush of happiness runs in guests as now they can order their all time favourite without jiggling their pocket!!… Special emphasize nowadays is given to Fitness as over the time, the need of proper.

Smart Ways to Avoid Wedding Expenses

Weddings are perhaps the most gala and extravagant events that we have in our lifetimes. We have countless dreams in our eyes, wishes in our hearts, thoughts in our minds of a beautiful life ahead, all waiting to unfold. Th is heady mix of emotions oft en impacts our decisions regarding food, guests, décor, gifts, attire, etc. where we often end up exceedingour budgets. But with a little innovation we can cut a few corners withoutcompromising on the celebration. Here are a few ways in which you can have the equal amount of fun on a limited wedding budget:

Go to venues within city limits instead of distant ones

Although sprawling venues away from the city are an attractive option, remember that it can be costly too. Apart from the cost of the venue, you will also have to incur additional transportation costs for all your guests. So it is better you go for venues within city limits for a budget-friendly wedding. Open ground venues cost lesser than closed door ones like banquets, hotels etc. so choose according to your budget and number of guests.

April 20, 2018

Yadu Greens

Yadu Greens managed by the acclaimed Five Spice Merriment Ltd. is a magnificent wedding venue sprawling across 7.5 acres of land in the outskirts of North […]

Health & SkinCare

Every girl desire to look eternally beautiful, attractive and confident on her wedding day so it is the perfect opportunity start getting into tip-top shape by working out. It’s no secret that exercise “does a body good.” But did you know that working out can do your “beauty” good as well? Exercise can have a very positive impact in keeping you fit and healthy..

#Work out for that Tine waist and Well Defined Collar Bones.

Beauty isn’t some vapid and superficial pursuit that exists solely to sell products, wag tongues, and produce drool. Beauty is actually precisely perceived, purposeful, and rooted in hard science—more than abstract and random opinion. So in order to look beautiful, it is important to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally.

And that’s why beauty serves as the foundation for our feelings, our happiness, and our existence. Though, looking good is not perfect till it is well presented. It is not easy as well because we have to take some factors into consideration – the environment, sun exposure, food we consume, time, genes, etc.

#Exercise to make your skin radiant..!!

Exercise can have incredible benefits on the skin which are often overlooked when we’re busy looking for the next sought after cream to plump skin, minimize wrinkles and reduce breakouts. We’re too busy searching for that miracle product or wonder supplement that will solve all our skin problems with very minimal effort. For truly radiant skin, you need to start seeing your daily workout as a beauty treatment. I mean, it increases circulation which brings extra blood flow and oxygen to the skin, which will give you a post-facial glow without the price tag. It boosts your self-confidence almost immediately and nothing is more sexy and beautiful than confidence! Regular exercise also improves your sleep patterns and reduces stress and anxiety.



‘From Kundan to Meenakari, It’s all about slaying the Maharani looks this time, making their own Signature Style’
While we are talking about modification in styles and designs this wedding season, accessories, and jewellery for well travelled and fashion enthusiast brides got to be really bold and beautiful, yet subtle.

Sparkle and shine

In earrings, the balis are back with a bang. The crafted chandbalis merged with beautiful white pearls and multicolour layerings are flying o$ the shelves. Statement earrings and jhumkis are versatile style that compliments almost all sort of wedding oufits

Passa piece

The passa is the most ethnic and elegant jewellery piece that every girl is keen on buying these days .The variety ranging from gold , crystal, pearl, two-in-one, ghunghroo, coloured ,fusionised, polki and lastly the royal one are giving brides the traditional .