August 8, 2018

A Promise which binds them together with a wedding thread – Abhimanyu & Ritika

Lets Promise to be each other- Ring Ceremony

An invisible string binds two people together for forever where they pledge to share every joy and sorrow with each other and that invisible bond is called wedding.

Generally, families decide for their loving child. Engagement ceremony is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies where two people exchange rings by giving each other a lifetime commitment.

So, here also, two people came together, held hands and took promises to stay at each other’s side, namely Abhimanyu (S/O Smt. Sarla & Shri Om Singla) & Ritika (D/O Smt. Meenu & Shri Om Kishan Gupta). This grand ceremony brought grand happiness in both the family’s lives. The ceremony was organized at the high premium hotel of Gurgaon, The Ritz. Everyone assembled at the hall by 7’o clock and took t­he proceedings further. Abhimanyu spruced up in a designer beige coloured suit and amazed everybody once he entered the hall. On the other side, Ritika picked something unique to make it a signature statement. She wore a Beige red-coloured Net Lehenga which she paired with the sparkling diamond jewellery.

It was a musical evening where everyone enjoyed to the fullest with Party songs, sometimes dance performances, singing bands etc. Every effort made by all to make the evening a memorable event turned into an everlasting memory. A surprising performance by the bride-groom family was the real charmer of the ceremony.

Wedding Mehndi Fantasy

Every bride waits for the day to adorn her hands with her husband name and it is the most adorable wish which every girl wishes. Just like other girls, Ritika also dreamed of planning her Mehendi story. The Mehendi artist created a love

story on her hand alongwith Abhimanyu’s (Groom) name. Adorning Mehendi on both sides and feet on the wedding day was an old dream which Ritika accomplished today. The artist adorned the bride with the latest trends of Mehendi style and was looking outstanding. Ritika was looking really pretty in the light green pink Lehenga.

The ceremony place was given a western-traditional touch and garnished with colourful flowers, candle stands, etc to provide a beautiful am biance to the people. The girl squads surrounded the Mehendi wala, waiting for their turn and were taking time to pick one design like Urban, Arabic, Jaipuri Mehendi to adorn their hands.

Bride’s sisters and friends planned an incredible dance routine to amazed Ritika. Makhan Lal Singla(MLA), Amrit Singla (Mapsko Group), Prem Singla, Sohan Singla & Krishan Singla managed the whole wedding with their ideas and really made it a memorable day for their lovedones. They showcased a medley performance on the stage and dedicated a song to the happiness of the beginning of her new life. Ritika’s Mom & Dad (Meenu & Om Kishan Gupta) also gave their daughter a token of love by reciting a poem for her.

Bright & Vibrant Haldi Riwaaz

After a long waiting, finally, the day has come the very next morning. All the wedding guests have reached now. Everybody looked forward to setting up all the arrangements for this significant Riwaaz, Haldi Ceremony. Wedding gifts, wedding decors, wedding guests, catering, transportation, makeup artists and many more, need individual attention to get the work done. So, Ritika’s family booked an event planner to do them all. Yes, things get accessible with an event planner who can handle all. Family members began applying Haldi on Ritika’s hand, face and feet and she was bedecked in bright, vibrant attire. Haldi adds up more charm to the bride’s skin and this is the most significant reason for applying Haldi. The glowing Ritika looked more flawless by the end of the ceremony.

Now, everybody is eagerly waiting for the wedding night and thus began wedding preparations. Ritika was asked to take rest after the ceremony as she has to keep awake the whole night. Relatives and friends blessed Ritika by presenting gifts to her.

Sehra Bandi & Barat of Abhimanyu

A Sehra is the head-dress along with a turban worn by the Groom. Traditionally, worn with Garlands or Strings  of  Flowers hanging which

covers the groom’s face. Thus, Abhimanyu wore a White turban with white flower strings. All the Baratis assembled at the groom’s residence and waiting ahead to arrive at The Leela Hotel .

And finally, at 6’ o clock the Barat left the residence to reach the venue. With great excitement and enjoyment, everybody reached the site at 7’o clock. The Bride’s mother and sisters welcomed Abhimanyu and Baratis. Everybody looked astonishingly stylish and adorable in wedding apparels. Abhimanyu, embellished in a White Sherwani paired it with emerald bead necklace came to get his queen Ritika while sitting on the White Horse. And when he entered the hall, a new chapter turned over.

Varmala and Vows

Everybody assembled in Leela hotel garnished with high premium décor. The Wedding stage was ornamented with Orange, Pink, Red and white, all blended flowers. A Drone camera was capturing every precious moment at the wedding. The Groom went inside the venue and walked up to the wedding throne with wedding songs played in the background.

It seemed like some story and watching all, Ritika entered the hall. She wore a unique Rani Colour Bridal Lehenga engraved with Radha Kishan and other carvings on it. She made her style statement when she wore that white coloured Rani-Haar. And when they met, Couldn’t take their eyes off from each other. A love story began just and there. Both took a promise of being with each other by binding them in a visible Garland called Varmala. All that teasing and pranking took place to make the moment much more memorable for the couple.

Everybody loved the exquisite servicing of chefs and the food. The event planners brought everything which you wish to eat in Abhimanyu and Ritika Wedding. It was a memorable wedding and moreover a dream wedding.

Now everybody moved to the Wedding Mandap designed in an ancestral style with 21st-century touch. The bride-groom sitting arrangement was talk about as it was a unique style.

The wedding silver chowkis beautifully decorated with flowers alongwith the Mandap’s pillars. And the Last and the most crucial Rasam began when they take seven vows by revolving around the Agni seven times.

This stage is the everlasting moment for both the couple and explicitly states that they are the heavenly-made soulmates now.

Abhimanyu took the first three Pheras to assure that he would protect her throughout his life and Ritika promised Abhimanyu to share every problem & to be with him in every joy-sorrow by taking the last four Pheras. At the end, both the families congratulate them and blessed them for their new beginning.